The managers

The managers receive summaries and detailed data related to the company or a business unit.

All persons

All persons in a business can see how the company and its services work for them.


Everyone can view average productivity and performance metrics for the company or business unit, and compare them with own data in Personal Analytics.


Facts and metrics on communication, collaboration and management in the digital workplace

Understand and improve digital productivity

  • Monitor technology adoption in the workplace
  • Make work patterns clearly visible
  • Timely identify compliance and security events

The resulting insight empowers managers and executives in planning and controlling work of large distributed teams and units and in organizational transformation projects

Omnicontext automatically collects and analyzes communication and work processes across all varieties of email, instant messaging, telephone, Facebook, and other productivity tools.


All technology operations in one place.
Visibility into operations

  • Clear real-time picture of all services
  • Scrutinize processes in order to achieve improvements
  • Unified view and monitoring across cloud and local resources
  • Automated notifications and tickets in case of problems


Key metrics for better workplace collaboration

  • Discovery and analysis of work habits and daily activities.
  • Collection of data from multiple sources and devices.
  • Insight on time spent for e-mail and phone communication, meetings etc.
  • Transparency on business applications usage, browsing, social media.
  • Formal and real communities.


Clever time management

  • Easy-to-use individual insight into own activities
  • Competent self-improvement
  • Daily, weekly, monthly overviews
  • Reports & notifications on any device

Business Communication Analytics Live

In this real-life example data from one part of Hypersoft's own organization are used to understand how communication intensity changes during the day.

We integrate telephony, email, instant messaging and conferencing details hourly to discover when internal and external communication have their peak intensity.